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導讀:本文是一篇英國的碩士申請信,Postgraduate Certificate Fashion: Buying and Merchandising。Please read the following information carefully as the decision to select you for interview will be based on the information you provide on

25选5预测推荐 www.mwpqu.com 導讀:本文是一篇英國的碩士申請信,Postgraduate Certificate Fashion: Buying and Merchandising。Please read the following information carefully as the decision to select you for interview will be based on the information you provide on your application form.These guidance notes are for students applying to the Postgraduate Certificate Fashion: Buying and Merchandising

Multichannel marketing is the use of direct and indirect channels in communication and interaction with consumers, these channels include websites, retail stores, mail order, mail, email, mobile phone and so on (Keller, 2010). It allows retail buyers to choose their favorite channels to respond to products or services that they would like to purchase (Kim et al., 2010). In short, multichannel marketing does everything to meet what customers need (Ashworth et al., 2006). Multichannel marketing has a very significant impact, which is reflected in a positive and a negative aspect. 
The positive includes: first, compared with a narrow, single channel, retailing is through stores, the Internet, mobile phone and other channels to sell products, which allows retail businesses to expand their market share (Keller, 2010). Second, through the construction of multi-channel marketing system, retail enterprises are from multiple channels to obtain all kinds of information (Kim et al., 2010), by induction, comparison, analysis of the information to collect useful information to provide a basis for the development of proper marketing strategy for retail buying. Third, construction of a multichannel system on the surface needs more investment than development of a single channel system, but in actual merchandising practices, multichannel marketing usually brings more substantial increase in product sales, distribution costs of a single product will fall (Ashworth et al., 2006). Moreover, marketing information and resources of each channel in propaganda, inventory management, logistics and other aspects can be shared, which is more easy to achieve advantages of scale to reduce marketing and management costs. Fourth, multichannel helps retailers to enhance brand value and improve consumption experience (Keller, 2010). Multichannel marketing can encourage consumers to change their traditional shopping habits, thus companies dealing with fashion retail merchandising practices can be based on new shopping habits of consumers to design the whole value chain and plan their multi-channel sales strategy, which will undoubtedly boost sales, truly take customers as the centric to ultimately enhance their retail brand value (Kim et al., 2010). Multichannel strategy helps these companies to give customers a consistent consumption experience of multichannel. Giving customers a good shopping experience is more important than short-term sales, which ultimately makes the sales of their overall brands highest.
The negative impact comes from two aspects. Firstly, through multichannel marketing, retailing companies bring their more influence and increased competitors (Keller, 2010). Secondly, provision of competitive offer in each channel separately may confuse fashion retail consumers and cause conflicts between the channels, which finally leads to mistrust of the consumers towards a brand, nor will the consumers be willing to make a purchase and interact among different channels (Ashworth et al., 2006). Therefore, retailers should co-ordinate the work of the various sales channels to avoid undue price competition between the various channels.
總體而言,多渠道對時尚零售采購和營銷實踐的影響總體上是積極的,而零售企業應采取適當的策略,消除和減少多渠道營銷帶來的負面影響。Overall, what multichannel impacts fashion retail buying and merchandising practices is generally positive, while retail enterprises should take appropriate strategies to eliminate and reduce the negative impact brought about by the multi-channel marketing.
Ashworth, C. J., Schmidt, R. A., Pioch, E. A. and Hallsworth, A. (2006). An approach to sustainable ‘fashion’ e-retail: a five-stage evolutionary strategy for ‘Clicks-and-Mortar’ and ‘Pure-Play’ enterprises. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 13(4), 289-299.
Keller, K. L. (2010). Brand equity management in a multichannel, multimedia retail environment. Journal of Interactive Marketing, 24(2), 58-70.
Kim, M., Kim, S. and Lee, Y. (2010). The effect of distribution channel diversification of foreign luxury fashion brands on consumers’ brand value and loyalty in the Korean market. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 17(4), 286-293.

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