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福利彩票25选5开奖结果查询:澳大利亞coursework范文:定性成本效益分析qualitative cost benefit analysis

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1.0 Introduction引言 摩斯曼市是澳大利亞在悉尼的新南威爾士州的一個地區,城市土地面積為90000平方公里,約有27000名公民(澳大利亞統計局,2011年)。莫斯曼灣城市是一個非工業、農業的高級
1.0 Introduction引言
Mossman City is a district of Australia New South Wales in Sydney.The urban land area is 90,000 square kilometers, with about 27 thousand citizen  (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2011). Mossman Bay City is a city that is a non-industrial, agricultural senior residential, commercial, and business center with Sydney Olympic city bordering Hong Kong is connected to the Sydney trade, trade more active. A total of 23 zones in Sydney, which has been with the Louisville Hearst Chang Island City established a sister city relationship. Mossman City is a rich residential district, home to many political figures, big businessmen, big Foundation, big industrialists. Mossman city is Sydney's most respectable center of the city, with some politicians in Sydney and Australia, business, cultural scientific community dignitaries have extensive contacts.
2013年10月,港務信托公司向公共展覽10號航站樓有限公司(Public Display 10 Terminal Ltd)提供了一部分場地方案,該方案由居住養老設施和相關癡呆癥日托中心的中頭保健私人負責人租賃。該提案涉及對現有建筑進行改造和改造,以供再利用。有些建筑物需要拆除,換成新的建筑物。根據社區的反饋,支持者修改了他們的建議。目前,修改后的方案僅限于中端南磚。兩棟木質建筑北側的中間頭不再包含在提案中。港口信托公司打算在北邊中部改為綠色。2014年4月,修訂后的提案已提交給衛生保健聯邦部長,環境?;ど鋃嘌員;しê蛻?999(EPBC法)。部長們表示,根據EPBC法案,修改后的提案是“受控操作”,需要評估。(Harbour Trust,2015年)。
In October 2013, the port trust placed on public display 10 terminal Ltd to lease part of the site proposals from Middle Head Healthcare Pty responsible person in the middle of residential aged care facilities and related dementia daycare center. The proposal involves modification and adaptation of existing buildings for reuse. Some buildings need to be demolished, to be replaced with new buildings. Following feedback from the community, supporters revise their recommendations. Currently the amended proposal is limited to Middle Head south brick. Middle Head on the north sides of the two wooden buildings are no longer included in the proposal. Port Trust intends to Middle Head north of the alterations to the green. April 2014, the amended proposal has been referred to Middle Head Healthcare federal Minister of Environmental Protection Biodiversity Conservation Act and biological 1999 (EPBC Act). Ministers expressed that the amended proposal is "controlled operations", according to EPBC Act requires assessment .(Harbour Trust, 2015).
如果這個設施與環境、社會或經濟方面的成本和收益平衡相適應,就成為爭論的焦點。由于政府非常關注悉尼老年護理中心的床位短缺問題巨大,并且在未來20年內會變得更加嚴重。If this facility fits the costs and benefits balance on the aspects of environmental, social or economic has become the focus of the debate. Since it greatly concerns the government that the shortage beds of aged care center in Sydney is huge and will become even huger in the next two decades. 
2.0 Cost /benefit analysis
2.1 Environmental Factors
On the aspect of environmental factors, there are several concerns. Is it reasonable to lease the public place to the private organization as for private use or not?Generally, there are three reasons on the aspect of environmental factors. If the barracks will not lease to the private organization for aged care facility, it could have been used for public use, such as park. It will be friendlier to both wild lives and community. One the aspects of wild lives, the rich kinds of wild lives have always been the proud of Australia. If this place could be changed to park, it will provide a much better living condition for wild lives. Meanwhile, if the aged care facility indeed established with about one hundred beds, there will be a lot of related workers, nurses, visitors, etc. being brought to here. It is quit reasonable to expect hundreds of new comers, which will occupy a huge percentage of the total population of Mossman. The small city only have 9 square miles and 27 thousands population. For the small city and the quiet neighborhood of Middle Head, these new comer could be as dangerous as invaders, which seize the limited environment resource such as trees, public spaces, traffic, etc. On the perspective of community, the new comers are invading the public space of the original community. There are quit a lot examples of how dangerous that invading species could bring to the environment. In the following, the harm of this will be illustrated by the example of C. Harfordi and possum. 
Biological introductions have been topical composition by changing the composition and ecology, promoting destroy it eventually could lead to the homogenization of biological diversity in the world, and through the promotion of local residents to increase the size of biological diversity of many habitats change.For example, this complex is the introduction of the Argentine coast wakame seaweed provides a new habitat. At the same time, it increases the local species diversity and richness. Despite its potential ecological impacts may affect many non-native species (NIS) or environmental development in Sydney Harbour, Mossman Australia.
C. Harfordi native to the North Pacific, in California it is one of the most common species of amphipods coastal. So far, this is only described as nonindigenous species in Australia. It was in 1972 in Belize Bay, Sydney Harbour, New South Wales, first discovered in Australia. In addition, C.Harfordi once widespread in Sydney Harbour, from Balmain small to Manly, peak abundance of Belize Bay area. Other representatives of the habitat in the area were investigated did not. In contrast, in its native range, C Harfordi reportedly occurred in Dafeng degrees in a variety of habitats, such as algae, polychaete inner tube, in mussel beds and among the barnacle dead shells. It was found that, in order to achieve more than 20 people per square centimeter between the tube worms and mussels bed 1.4 individuals per square centimeter density. Therefore, this study’s primary objective is to determine the influenceand abundance of different species in Sydney Harbour. C. Harfordi density and the relationship between the amount of oyster beds of sedimentary organic matter. As the density of organic matter and C Harfordi can also relate to the thickness, the thickness of oyster beds Oyster beds has been quantified.
Now the most important thing is to find a humane solution to control "nuisance" Possum, while ensuring the future viability possum population. Relocation has been proven largely unsuccessful and possums moved into the jungle revealed that most of the animals were predatory foxes or unable to establish a new area died of release monitoring, due to the competition from the station opossum. The public can tolerate economic loss or personal security threats, often to their own views of wildlife negative impact, and may even promote nuisance aspects of their lethal control measures to support the coexistence of wildlife and activities. Age, gender and family composition were investigated to determine whether these demographic factors in shaping the attitude of the residents of Mosman opossum played a role  (McAdam,1997). While there is little prospect of a significant effect of these parameters, including notable exception of gender bias inherent freedoms and rights of scale scores compared to women, men. In addition, women are more likely to watch the object animal feelings, and expressed concern about exploitation and cruelty to animals. Recent surveys show that gender perspective, these differences extend to conservation priority, so that women are more to support the efforts of the legislative and wildlife agencies, the protection of animals.
Respondents said that the nearest open space will not affect the frequency of visiting possum nor the possibility to live in the ceiling cavity. However, analysis of attitudes in life closer to the open space of the respondents 'negative experience' scale scores were significantly higher. Similarly, the frequency of access or occupation opossum ceiling cavity is not a dog after dark reportedly spend time outdoors there is a significant effect. However, analysis shows that the attitude of the residents who have dogs, spend time outdoors after dark score scale "negative experience" significantly reduced. These observations suggest that deep-rooted concept, rather than the actual damage is affecting the attitude of Mossmanresidents opossum. Affected stakeholders have conflicting views of wildlife often proved to be the extent of the damage actually caused inconsistencies  (Taylor, Fairfax,  &Suthers, 2013).
Assess respondents' views opossum determine strategies, particularly access to education, to improve relations residents between Mosman and opossums prove useful. For example, although the majority of residents agreed to relocate opossum will meet their needs, people have similar proportions were ambiguous or not opossum demand will be the relocation of the best service. It would appear that the responsible legislative changes prompted the fatal consequences of this control method, whether the information has not reached the wider community members or residents do not care about the welfare and play dead. Although wild revealed in this study suggests that the former is positive valuation advantage, but it is also less likely to expect the residents to understand and meet the 150 meters final rule.

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