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25选5开奖结果公告:申請Bsc.accounting and finance的陳述PS范文

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導讀:只是一片Personal Statement個人陳述,申請人是阿聯酋國際學校學生, 采用International Baccalaureate (IB)課程。 作為一名具有較強財務能力,專業和志愿者經驗的本科生,我的目標是在貴校提供
導讀:此文是一片Personal Statement個人陳述,申請人是阿聯酋國際學校學生, 采用International Baccalaureate (IB)課程。
As an undergraduate student with strong financial abilities, professional and volunteer experiences, I aim to further develop my career education in the master of accounting and finance program provided by your school. It is a mission to shoulder the accounting and financial management responsibilities of corporations encouraged me to pursue a career in accounting and finance.
My reason for choosing United Kingdom as the ideal place to finish my master’s degree is that I believe education in United Kingdom provides every essential parts to shape an elite for the society. 
This belief is also draw from my own experiences. I experienced strong cultural shocks as well as differences in education models when I transferred from United Kingdom’s education to China. I stayed in United Kingdom for the early years of elementary school and high. During these time, I was encouraged to think critically, creatively and independently. I felt an inner strive for the pursuit of achieving myself. I also had an enjoyable experiences in the cultural atmosphere in British schools. In the years between, I was educated in China’s school and surprised at the differences.  Compared with independent and critical thinking, China’s education is more focused on helping students to comprehend the concepts on textbook as well as expertise for certain technique. As a person who has experienced independent thinking education, I personally prefer to get educated in the same system for my graduate studies as I am adapted to it and would get the most of it.
Another reason for my education plan in UK is that I want to further develop my professional expertise to be more competitive for the job market.  Get educated in a native English environment would be a strong plus for candidates who want to compete in international job market.  Since it means that you can conduct effective communication with clients who speak English as natives or who don’t speak Chinese.
Reason for Choosing Accounting and Finance as Career
My career goal for financial accounting was established from an early age.  I was encouraged to take records and manage my own bank account and lucky money when I first received it when I was young. I developed my interest in managing my own finance gradually from these experiences. A sensitivity to numerical records and a detail-oriented personality help me to handle my own finance.  A series of well-organized bank accounts of my own also surprised my parents. Thus, they decided to let me handle their bank accounts, make budgets based on their daily expense records and keep records for control purpose. That’s the experience that laid the foundation for my financial management skills.  From managing their bank accounts transaction, I also realized the importance of bookkeeping and financial management for a company to keep clean and profitable.
From the encouragement of early experience, I devote more time on books and courses relating to business, finance and accounting. Driven by a strong passion, I got three A on courses of Economics, Mathematics and Calculus. From these exposure and my own research, I also realize that most of China’s government-owned companies are in bad need of professional CPAs to provide optimization management solution to clean up the accounting and financial management system. The need felt so urgent to me that I hope to devote myself to optimizing China’s accounting and financial management system right after graduation. I also realize from my colleague search that UK provides the unique training for accounting and finance professional that no other country can be equivalent to.
Personal Strengths:
Following the development of a young age interest, I would like to address a strong statement for my personal skills that match up requirements for your program and for CPA industry. As a quite person who prefer to work with documents and data alone, I find that accounting is a good career fit for my personality. As mentioned earlier, with a good numerical sense, I developed my data analysis skills further in the area of statistics upon starting undergraduate studies.In addition, I also have a strong logical analysis skills. You can find proof of it from grades of my computer science, philosophy and mathematics courses. 
Purpose of Study:
According to my research, I found that the accounting and finance courses provided by your program provide sufficient professional training to prepare graduate to be an elite CPA with international awareness. These training purposes complied perfectly with my goal as becoming a professional CPA.
Career Goals: (Short term and long term)
My career goal within the next three years is to get sufficient graduate accounting education to be qualified as an entry-level associate in one of the big four. It’s my career mission to devote my expertise, energy and inter-personal skills to shoulder financial responsibilities in modern enterprises. In the long-term, I aim to develop optimization solution for client’s accounting information system as well as management structures.
In addition to education and professional background, I have broadened my leadership skills, team work abilities and communication skills from various involvement in community activities.  One of my other identity apart from academic and professional field is a public speaker. I got my training from public speech several years ago and develop my experiences from different competitions. Apart from that, I always felt a strong commitment to the society and community as I lived in. Thus, I always prefer to devote my extra time to serve for these communities. I have done a couple of volunteer activities for local geracomium, collected and sold books for free to the school library, donate money for children in need of education. I felt an inner peace from involvement in these activities. That is also the reason that keeps me doing it.
For the community, I also worked together with my team members to held business forum for tradings. We contacted sellers who are mainly from friends and relatives and encouraged them to collect their second-hand staff for trading and sales. Our purpose for this activity is to help people get rid of things that they barely used and also get a portion of money back. 
As an undergraduate student who set an interest for CPA at an early age, I aim to develop expertise in accounting area and plan to bring it to help companies optimize their accounting and finance system. The above statement presents my career goal, personal strengths and reasons that qualifies me as an outstanding candidate for the accounting and finance program offered by your school. I will always be prepared for developing myself, reaching to the dream as I have always had and be courageous to battle against all barriers to achieve it.

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