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1 Introduction 引言 霍克希德,美國社會學家,在1983年正式報道了情感勞動的概念。他聲稱,情緒勞動是一種面部和身體的表達,是公眾通過對個人情緒的管理而創造出來的。[1]情感勞動的誕生引
1 Introduction引言
Hochschild, an American sociologist, originally and formally reported the conception of “Emotional Labour” in 1983. He claimed that the emotional labour is a kind of facial and physical expression that is visible to public created by individuals through the management of their emotion. [1] The born of “Emotional Labour” had drew great attention in scientific community. Based on the research of Hochschild, parallel works can be easily found in the further study of emotional labour. [2-6]
通過對美國的調查,霍奇奇爾德發現,有1/3的員工要求為他們從事的工作進行情感勞動。從本質上講,情感勞動是一種對情感和情感表達管理的要求,它符合社會的需要。[1]此外,Tolich和Wharton的定性和定量分析表明,情緒勞動可能會帶來一些積極的效果,如自我實現、工作滿意度和工作保障[3,7]以上所有這些都表明,情緒勞動可能會提高員工的工作熱情,提高員工的工作效率。工作活動的EL。Through investigation in American, Hochschild found that there were a number of 1/3 employees had a request of emotional labour for the job they engaged in. Substantially, emotional labour is a kind of requirement to the emotion and the management of emotional expression that conformance to the demand of community. [1]Additionally, Tolich’s and Wharton’s qualitative and quantitative analysis suggested that emotional labour may bring some kind of positive effectiveness such as self-actualization, job satisfaction, and job security.[3,7]All of these points above suggest that emotional labour might improve employees’ working passion and increase their level of working activity.
Based on the overview of emotional labour, this essay will summarize the recruitment and selection practices of Asda and Tesco that related to human resource management (HRM) firstly. Then analyze the approaches in regard to emotional labour and job arrangements in Asda and Texco. More effective measures will be recommended at the end of the essay. 
2 HRM approaches of Asda and TexcoASDA和Texco的2種人力資源管理方法
2.1 Recruitment and selection practices between Asda and TexcoASDA和Texco之間的招聘和選拔實踐
ASDA成立于1949年,1999年成為全球最大連鎖超市沃爾瑪的附屬公司。阿斯達想成為一個值得信賴的雇主。“建立相互信任是贏得客戶絕對信任的最重要步驟”,ASDA首席執行官安迪•克拉克(Andy Clark)指出。因此,ASDA的理念表明,如果員工喜歡一起工作,消費者愿意去ASDA購物。
 Asda, founded in 1949, became an affiliated company of the maximal supermarket chain all over the world—   Walmart in 1999. Asda wants to be a trusted employer. “Building trust with each other is the most important step to winning the absolute trust of our customers”, noted by Andy Clark, the CEO of Asda. Consequently, Asda’s philosophy showed that if the staffs are fond of working together, the consumers would like to go shopping in Asda.
網絡招聘過程和社交媒體渠道都是ASDA招聘的途徑。ASDA是英國最大的公司之一,它提供了大量的機會,因此,想要在一系列地區提高學徒背景和研究生培訓水平的學生可能會得到公平的對待,并且會有機會在ASDA發展自己的職業。Both of online recruitment process and social media channels are the approaches of Asda’s recruitment. Asda—one of the largest corporations in UK—provides a sea of opportunities, therefore, students who want to improve hand-on background to apprenticeship as well as graduate training in a series of territories may be treated equitably and opportunities will be offered to develop their profession in Asda.
Asda can offer many business formats such as not only about Shift Leaders and Department Managers in Superstores and Supermarkets, but the role in regard to supply chain, marketing and HR together with its own Asda George, Living and Home Office within crucial accountability as well. One of the employees in Asda may serve as a good example. Ellen Rogan, most recently take on her current General Store Manager, began her career as a Checkout Operator and from there, she has taken charge of roles as Customer Service Manager, People Manager, Asda Living Store Manager, Supermarket Store Manager. She said that moving around these different roles let her saw the business from so many aspects, hence she was benefit from her working experiences. This may be the so-called “Butterfly effect” to some degree, a normal employee in Asda tend to have the opportunity to gain working experiences through different positions. As a result, due to its many styles of business formats, it is its ability to offer a wide scope of roles that makes Asda outstanding.
The HR group of Asda provides a shortlist which enumerates all applicable candidates that is authorized for an interview or the assessment centre, and they may attach importance to the candidates’ job description [8] and personal specification. The assessment centre—known as “Asda Reality” or “Asda Magic”—offers candidates an opportunity to give evidence of their excellences which mesh the beliefs, culture and methods of working of Asda. They tend to use a kind of evaluation method that colleagues discuss their skills, achievements and career occasions by their manager to help informing selection process.
Gareth Woods and Helen Milford, a Supermarket Store Manager and a Regional Director, made progress quickly. They never be fearful of taking on a position that they claim that what the post required is beyond their ability. Moreover, the experience of a range of roles, long-range programme, and using innovative ideas to work helped them aiming at what on earth the customers want, and finally both of them make a difference in their position.
Tesco has a purpose of serving its customers. With a customer-oriented organizational structure, Tesco requires staffs who has the proper skill at every level in it. To make an attracting recruitment, Tesco advertise jobs in different ways. Firstly, to fill a vacancy, the internal Talent Plan should be concerned up to ensure that if there exist any proper person in such a plan or develop the internal management evolution programme, and then, as to external supplement, before making applications online for managerial positions, Tesco advertise the empty position via their official URL or in a manner of idled boards in stores. At last, bakers and pharmacists, the harder-to-fill or more specialist jobs, Tesco advertises externally through offline, online, famous web portals, business magazines and mass media pathways. 
There exists a simple application process to help Tesco makes it easier for applicants to chase down jobs that are available. By accessing the Tesco website, people can submit directly with the online application form, and proposer can chase down not only local jobs, but also management and head office posts.
Screening candidates is an extremely important part of the selection process. At the beginning of screening, Tesco members in HR group tend to review every person’s CV that summarizes the applicants’ level of education and occupational background till the day. Secondly, candidates who passed screening attend an assessment centre, managers run the assessment centre to provide consistency in the selection process. Finally, authorized by the internal assessment centre, candidates will take conversation with the line manager for the job on offer, to ensure the tight person on the fittest position.
In Tesco, there will have a time for business to train staffs now available so that they can take new obligations on shoulder. Also, the time for business will recruit new staffs to fill empty of positions or to “debug” the lack of skill shortages, therefore, Tesco meets its future demands for staff. Moreover, the humanized ways of job searching as well as an accordant pathway for recruiting and selecting candidates are offered by Tesco, meaning that it can effectively manage its variational demand for employees.
2.2 Analysis about emotional labour and job arrangements in Asda and Tesco   
Asda has an effective and engaged terms of colleagues. It is structured training and development programmes that ensures Asda can recruit the fittest person in the right position. Moreover, in Asda, the organizational culture—actually Asda’s philosophy—makes it available that employees trust each other and grow with Asda together, finally they winning the absolute trust of customers. Some of recently research showed that staffs who did emotional labour can gain self-actualization, enhanced confidence. [9-11] The HRM methods of Asda such as its many business formats makes their staffs better understand what he (or she) was doing in many different working formats.
Tesco—the major international company—focusing on satisfying its demands for staff in the future, offers some kinds of opportunities and training time for its employees to shoulder the responsibilities of whole new jobs. Tesco has more distinct institutional framework, person specifications and specified job descriptions than Asda. For an example, there exists a six work levels institution within the organization, and due to such structure, the organization could be managed and controlled well.

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