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Related Units Case Study 你的角色: 報社記者,負責金融財務咨詢專欄 日常工作是負責回復讀者來信 此外,有時也會為讀者提供一份詳細的財務規劃建議書 Case Study 讀者來信的情況: Duncan Kennedy,
Related Units
Case Study
Case Study
Duncan Kennedy,
今年的政府退休金是 £18,000
Elaine kennedy,
Case Study
Case Study
£1,500 National Savings Certificates 5 year term issued 3 years ago 
£2,000 High Street Bank Current Account 
£6,000 Building Society Deposit Account 
Case Study
Case Study
滿足Duncan 和 Elaine的偏好
Case Study
上述推薦的產品的提供方——相關金融機構的客戶服務章程(Customer Service Charter)的比較分析
上述推薦的產品如果運行失敗可能獲得的補償(compensation level)
Individual Savings Accounts (ISA)
An Individual Savings Account (ISA) or New ISA is a class of retail investment arrangements available to residents of the United Kingdom. It qualifies for a favourable tax status. Payments into the account are made from after-tax income. The account is exempt from income tax and capital gains tax on the investment returns, and no tax is payable on money withdrawn from the scheme either. 
Individual Savings Accounts (ISA)
Cash and a broad range of investments can be held within the arrangement, and there is no restriction on when or how much money can be withdrawn. Many restrictions were significantly relaxed from June 2014 when the New ISA name was introduced. 
Individual Savings Accounts (ISA)
It is not a pension product, but can be a useful way to save for retirement, particularly when the flexibility is desired to draw down capital at a faster rate than has until now been permitted in a pension.
Individual Savings Accounts (ISA)
Cash ISA
Fixed rate Cash ISA
Stocks & Shares ISA
Restrictions removed from July 2014 
There was a ban on transferring from S&S ISA to cash ISA. Cash to S&S was allowed from 2008/2009. A JISA could always go in both directions.
Interest on cash in a S&S ISA is no longer subject to a 20% charge. All cash in a S&S ISA is subject to the FCA client money rules and cash ISA providers can opt in to this if they wish.
Restrictions removed from July 2014
Cash can now be held in a S&S ISA even when not intended for investment. There was no specific time limit on how long cash could be held under the old rules, just whether the ISA manager believed the money was being held for future investment. 
Restrictions removed from July 2014
The S&S ISA had a five years remaining at time of purchase restriction on public debt securities such as government, corporate bonds, debentures and Eurobonds. Conditional redemption, such as that based on possible future market performance, was acceptable, as was the borrowing company or government redeeming the security early or exercising of options if there are defaults, insolvency risks or covenant breaches. 
Restrictions removed from July 2014
The S&S ISA had a requirement for a credible possibility of losing at least 5% of the investment, called the 5% test. Investments that failed the test had to be held in a cash ISA instead. 
Individual Savings Accounts (ISA)
Tax Treatment
Interest on deposits in a cash ISA is not taxed, whether it is an instant access or term deposit. Nor is interest on cash in a S&S ISA.
Dividends are not subject to additional tax, interest on bonds is not taxed, and capital gains are not taxed (nor may capital losses be used to offset other gains).
Tax Treatment
Since the income is not taxable it does not count for age-related personal income tax allowance reduction (although this age-related element is now being phased out).
National Savings and Investment
National Savings and Investments (NS&I), formerly called the Post Office Savings Bank and National Savings, is a state-owned savings bank in the United Kingdom. It is both a non-ministerial government department and an executive agency of the Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Current Products
Premium Bonds;
Individual Savings Account (ISAs) (Direct ISA or Cash ISA);
Inflation Index-Linked Savings Certificates;
Fixed Interest Savings Certificates;
Income Bonds;
Guaranteed Growth Bonds;
Guaranteed Equity Bonds;
Children's Bonds;
Direct Saver Account;
Investment Account. 
National Savings and Investment
All savings and investment products are 100% backed by HM Treasury. 
In November 2011, it was announced that most products would only be available by telephone, online, or by post. Premium Bonds would be the only remaining product sold in post offices.
National savings certificate
The British system first offered only savings accounts. In 1880, it also became a retail outlet for government bonds, and in 1916 introduced war savings certificates, renamed National Savings Certificates in 1920. In 1956, it launched a lottery bond, the Premium Bond, which became its most popular savings certificate. Post Office Savings Bank became National Savings Bank in 1969, later renamed National Savings and Investments (NS&I), an agency of HM Treasury. 
2.2 Potential Providers and Products
2.2.1 The Range of Providers
1.0 Saving accounts
To compare the saving accounts inside United Kingdom (UK), the information of each bank’s saving accounts should be described as follow: three main banks are listed as comparable banks in the tables, namely they are the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC), the Royal Bank of Scotland Group Public Limited Company (RBS) and the Barclays Bank in the UK. Six main products are fully discussed as follow:
1. Saving accounts of HSBC
In July 1865, HSBC branch opened in London, and created an agency in San Francisco in the same year. In 1875, it became a full-service bank. In 1866, HSBC opened a branch in Yokohama, and became Japan's government consultant. In 1888, HSBC Thailand branch was established as the first Thai bank, and issued the first banknotes in Thailand. Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation was originally designed for foreign enterprises in China to British-owned mainly to provide financial services. Although the establishment of branch and agency network in the world in the early days, the main target business region is still China and other Asia-Pacific regions. HSBC Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of HSBC Holdings Limited. It belongs to the HSBC Group. It is also the largest registered banks in Hong Kong, one of the three note-issuing banks in Hong Kong (Mehta & Majumdar, 2012). Meanwhile, RBS, HSBS, Barclays all have professionalservice and support center, both online and on phone to protect safety of account and transactions. All the information is accessible on their official website. Furthermore, there is hotline and website on each bank card for service and support or emergency needs.   

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